School Liaisons

We are delighted to have a wonderful group of parent volunteers acting as School Liaisons to help us build a strong and engaged SEPAG community.

Some of the goals of the School Liaisons include:

  1. Making parents aware of the Madison SEPAG.

  2. Building the community of parents with children receiving special services a the individual school.

  3. Getting feedback on the needs/issues of parents at the local school level.

  4. Building awareness and relationships with PTO and Special Services staff.

We have school liaisons for each of the following groups;

  • Central Avenue School (CAS) - Preschool

  • Central Avenue School (CAS) - Elementary

  • Kings Road School (KRS)

  • Torey J. Sabatini (TJS)

  • Madison Junior School (MJS)

  • Madison High School (MHS)

  • Out of District Placements (OOD)

If you would like to connect with a School Liaison and the parent group at your school please reach out to us